Nintendo Switch

Switch Console Dual Charge Stand

Item No. NS-0853A
Designed for charging two(2) Switch Consoles.

Switch Hunter Kit

Item No. NS-0860
Product includes Controller Grip, charge stand and Game card case storage stand.

Switch LAN connection Adapter 1000Mbps (TNS-865)

Item No. NS-0865
Compatible for Nintendo Switch console and any devices with USB3.0 port. enables you to add a network to your switch console via connect to the RJ45 interface. SB3.0 port and 1000Mbps make the transmission speed is fast and the network connection is stable.

Switch AC Adapter for Console Charging Dock (TNS-869)

Item No. NS-0869
Switch AC adapter for Console Charging Dock,Input:100-240V,50/60 Hz,1A Output:5.0V-1A,15V-2.6A

Switch Joy-Con charging Grip (TNS-873)

Item No. NS-0873
Switch Joy-Con Charging Grip
1..1800mAh Li-Po battery inside.
2..Intelligent IC design scheme, charging performance is stable. charging terminal for switch Joy-con

Switch protective kit (TNS-874) Restock!!

Item No. NS-0874
Include 4 products:Eva bag 1 pcs;Rubber plug 1 set;Toughened glass film 1 pcs;Expansion card slot 1 pcs.

Switch silicon thumbtack cover (TNS-877)

Item No. NS-0877
4 pcs small and 2 pcs bigger.the style is random

Switch Joy-Con Charging Grip without Battery

Item No. NS-0878B
Compatible for Nintendo Switch Joy-Con. Work as grip handle & charging dock station for Nintendo Switch Joy-Con. Built-in intelligent IC charging port,makes the charging more stable and durable.

Switch Joy-Con with built-in Battery

Item No. NS-0878C
Compatible for Nintendo Switch Joy-Con. Work as grip handle & charging dock station for Nintendo Switch Joy-Con. Built in 1800mA Li-Po battery.

Switch Joy-Con & Pro Controller Charging Dock

Item No. NS-0879
Designed for charging Switch Joy-Cons and Pro controller.

Switch Multi-Function Charger Stand

Item No. NS-0895
Designed for charging Switch console and Pro Controller and game card(6 pcs) storage.

Switch Mini Charging Grip w/ Straps

Item No. NS-0900
It's ergonomic design enhanced better grab when playing games. This product charges your Joy-Cons via connecting to Type-C charger.

Switch Pro Wired Controller Restock!!

Item No. NS-0901
Pro Wired Controller is a full sized controller that provides a more ergonomic feel than Joy-Cons. With 10-foot USB cable, the wired Controller can play on your favorite Switch games. Package includes: 1 wired controller and 1 male Type-C to USB. Two way for play:1.Connect to Switch console via a male Type-C to USB;2.Connect to Dock as TV mode.In order to plug and play this controller, go to (System Setting)->(Controller and Sensors)->(Pro Controller Wired Communication) turn on. Works on Firmware 6.0.0. click here for how setup Switch console.

Switch Joy-Con Silicon Case

Item No. NS-1708
Compatible for Nintendo Switch conoles and Joy-cons. Protect your device from everyday bumps, scratches, dust and fingerprints. Super value combo for full body protection.

Switch Pro Controller Silicon Case-Assorted colors

Item No. NS-1709
Compatible for Nintendo Switch Pro controller. Protect your device from everyday bumps, scratches, dust and fingerprints.

Switch Console & Joy-Con Crystal Case

Item No. NS-1710
Specially designed for Nintendo Switch console & Joy-cons. Protect your device from everyday bumps, scratches, dust and fingerprints.

Switch Console Crystal Case

Item No. NS-1712
Specially designed for Nintendo Switch console.Protect your device from everyday bumps, scratches, dust and fingerprints.

Switch Power Bank Stand-10000 mAh

Item No. NS-1718
Specification: Input: 5V/15v-2A Output:5V-2A Charging interface: Type C Battery Capacity:10000mAh Input port: USB2.0 and Type C

Switch Cooling Fan

Item No. NS-1719
There are three mini cooling fans inside the product , perfectly calming the Switch dock down.

Switch Tennis Racket 2pcs/pk(Blue and Red)

Item No. NS-1843
For Switch Tennis Games

Switch Controller Grip-2pcs-Black

Item No. NS-3601
Package for 2 contrller grip -black

Switch Controller Wheel-2pcs-Black

Item No. NS-3602
Package for 2 contrller wheel -black

Switch Charge Stand

Item No. NS-3603
For Switch console.

Switch Controller Wheel Attachment-2pcs-Blue/Red

Item No. NS-3611
Package for 1 blue & 1 red

Switch Controller Grip-2pcs-Blue/Red

Item No. NS-3612
Package for 1 blue & 1 red

Switch Multi-Function Charging Stand (TNS-871)

Item No. NS-3613
the stand used for:
1.Original stand
2.Switch console.
3.Joy-Con hand rope.
4.Original Pro Controller.
5.6 pcs game card boxes storage. Type-C input.

Switch Power CHare Cable-7 ft

Item No. NS-3642

Switch USB Car Charger (TNS-870)

Item No. NS-3652
Swicth car charger,Input:DC12V-24V;Output:Type-C 5V 1.8A USB 5V 1A

Switch Storage Box (TNS-858) Restock!!

Item No. NS-3660
EVA storage bag, for Switch console and accessories ( 10 game cards )
size: 26x12.5x4 cm

Switch dust-proof kit (TNS-862)

Item No. NS-3661
Switch dust-proof kit, include 1 pcs Toughened glass film and 1 set silicon dust plug. Clean and clear for game console

Switch Expansion Game Card Slot (TNS-856)

Item No. NS-3662
Placed in game box, storage 6 pcs game cards and 2 pcs TF card, including 2 pcs in the gift box

Switch Joy-Con Hand Strap

Item No. NS-3663
The hand strap is a replacement for damaged or lost original Nintendo Switch Joy-Con hand strap

Switch soft bag (TNS-859)

Item No. NS-3667
EVA storage soft bag for Switch console and accessories ( earphone or game cards )
size: 26x13x1.8cm

Switch Joy-Con Charging Dock (TNS-875)

Item No. NS-3669
1.Type-C 5V, surport original AC Adapter.
2.Colorful light effect.
3.Charging 4 Joy-Cons at the same time.
4..the light is red when Joy-Con is charging, after fully charged will turn green.

Switch/Wii U GC Cont. Adapter (4 ports)

Item No. WIIU-3504

This GC Controller adapter for Nintendo Switch to play Mario Kart 8 and Street Fighters 2(Switch firmware 4.0.0 and switch to Wii U mode) and for Wii U to play Super Smash Bros. Use up to four GameCube Controllers. It even connects to your PC via USB, so you can play games with your favorite GameCube controller.

Universal TV Mount for PS4 /XboxONE S camera holder/Switch Charge Dock Holder(TYX-530)

Item No. XBO-0530
1.product design to let PS3 camera.ps4 camera,video cameraor photo camera Xbox360 s Xbox One place like TV.simple to use.
2.mainly to increase monitor plane,can place camera on it and other similar products such as Nintendo Switch Charge Dock.

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