Playstation 2

Item Piture Item Description
PS2 Slim Top Load Case Only

PS2 Swap Magic Slide Card

PS3/PS2/PSX Auto RF Unit^

The RF Unit lets you connect the PS3, PS2 or PS1 gaming system to the antenna connector of the TV.

PS2 8M Memory Card-Yobo

Save your game so you do not have to start over every time with this 8 MB memory card! Just plug it in, and you can save your favorite PS2 games.

PS2 SONY DVD Remote Control

Watch movies with your PS2 and use this remote just as you would for any DVD players!

PS3/PS2 AV Cable-Yobo

AV Cable for your PS2/PS3 systems.

PSX/PS2 Extension Cable-Yobo

Free yourself from floor with the Yobo extension cable for your PSX/PS2 controller. You can add an extra 6 feet to your controller so you can be comfortable playing your favorite games!

PS2/PS3 HD Component Cable(5 Heads)-Yobo

HD Component cable for your PS2/PS3 system. Note: For PS3 console, Go to Display Setting for Component cable.

PS2 S-AV Cable with Gun Con-Yobo

The Yobo Playstation S-Video Cable(Gold Plated) provides higher resolution for TVs featuring S-video, AV inputs and Gun Con input.

For PS3 console, go to Display setting for S Video.

PS2 Twin Shock Controller Pad-Black

Here is the perfect replacement of a PS2 controller. Feels just like the original! Available in 2 colors: Black or Clear Blue.

PS2 Twin Shock Controller Pad-Blue-Yobo

Here is the perfect replacement of a PS2 controller. Feels just like the original!

PS2 Wireless Controller RF 2.4GHz-Yobo

Wireless Controller for PS2.

PS2 Slim AC Adapter-Yobo

Replacement AC Adapter for your Sony PS2 Slim system.