Playstation 3

Item Piture Item Description
PS3 Bluetooth Wireless Controller-Yobo-Black and Blue(for retail store)

The Bluetooth Wireless Controller-Yobo is ergonomic design for PS3.Available two colors: Black and Blue. For retail store only

PS MOVE Slide Dual Charging Dock

1,Compatible for PS MOVE
2,Charge the PS MOVE controller when out of battery
3,Foldable design,space saving,charging 2 controllers at same time
4,Input Voltage:DC5V Input Current:1.2A(MAX) Charging Current:500mA(MAX) Output Voltage:DC5V Output Ripple Wave VPP: 160 mV
5,Material:High quality ABS
6,Packing Included:1*dual charging dock 1* USB charging cable (80cm)

PS3 Mini Pro Elite Wired Controller-PowerA(6-ft Mini USB Charging Cable Included)

The Mini Elite Wired Controller by PowerA is specifically designed to give PS3 gamers all functions they need in a compact, ergonomic design. With more comfortable reverse analog sticks, a smaller form factor, and custom designed concave L2 and R2 buttons, you enjoy comfort and gameplay no matter how long you game. Controller required charge cable to USB device for play.

PS3 Controller Dual Charging Dock

The PS3 Charging Dock allows you to charge two PS3 controllers. Two PS3 controllers can be placed in the charging mounts, which lead straight into Mini USB ports. The PS3 Charging Dock comes with light indicator when controllers are charged by USB port on PS3 console or PC.

PS3 Power Cable(3 Prong)-Yobo

The Yobo PS3 Power Cable has 3 prongs that goes into the wall and 3 prongs that goes into the back of the PS3 console system. The Power Cable does not work with any of the slim PS3 console systems.

PS3 Power Cord-Bulk(Not for PS3 Slim)

PS3 DJ Hero-Turntable Only with Dongle

The package comes with PS3 DJ Hero-Turntable only with Dongle.

Sony Original Optical Digital Cable for PS4/PS3/PS2

OEM Optical Digital Cable from SONY that compatible with PS4/PS3/PS2 and any IR out for Digital Audio device such as Xbox One system

PS3 Joy Box (PS2 Accessories on PS3/PC)#

You can use PS2 accessories(e.g. controllers) on PS3 or PC.