Playstation 3

PS3 Mini Pro Elite Wireless Controller-PowerA(6-ft Mini USB Charging Cable Included) Special!!

Item No. PS3-9302

The Mini Elite Wireless Controller by PowerA is specifically designed to give PS3 gamers all functions they need in a compact, ergonomic design. With more comfortable reverse analog sticks, a smaller form factor, and custom designed concave L2 and R2 buttons, you enjoy comfort and gameplay no matter how long you game.

PS3 Power Cable(3 Prong)-Yobo

Item No. PS3-9304

The Yobo PS3 Power Cable has 3 prongs that goes into the wall and 3 prongs that goes into the back of the PS3 console system. The Power Cable does not work with any of the slim PS3 console systems.

PS3 Bluetooth Headset Charging Stand-Bulk

Item No. PS3-9307

The PS3 Bluetooth charging stand allows you to charge PS3 SONY Bluetooth headset.

PS3/PS2 Drum Dongle of Guitar Hero World Tour

Item No. PS3-9313D

Replace your lost or defective dongle for your PS3/PS2 Guitar Hero World Tour Drum.

Sony Original Optical Digital Cable for PS4/PS3/PS2

Item No. PS3-9323

OEM Optical Digital Cable from SONY that compatible with PS4/PS3/PS2 and any IR out for Digital Audio device such as Xbox One system

USB to Mini and Micro USB Power and Data Transfer Cable-BL-Yobo Restock!!

Item No. PS3-9352-BL

The Yobo USB to Mini and Micro USB Power and Data Transfer Cable(Blue), featuring Mini USB for PS3 and Wii U Pro wireless pad charging cable and PSP data transfer cable.

PS3 Joy Box (PS2 Accessories on PS3/PC) Special!!

Item No. PS3-9357

You can use PS2 accessories(e.g. controllers) on PS3 or PC.

PS3 Sony Original Sixasis Dual Shock 3 Controller -bulk Restock!!

Item No. PS3-9540

Bulk package OEM Sixasis Dual Shock 3 wireless controller from SONY for your PS3 systems.

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