Xbox One

Item Piture Item Description
Universal TV Mount for PS4 /XboxONE S camera holder/Switch Charge Dock Holder(TYX-530)

1.product design to let PS3 camera.ps4 camera,video cameraor photo camera Xbox360 s Xbox One place like TV.simple to use.
2.mainly to increase monitor plane,can place camera on it and other similar products such as Nintendo Switch Charge Dock.

XboxONE controller dual charger black

1.original XBOXONE controller charge.
2.input voltage:DC5V
3.charge current:300mA
4.battery output voltage:DC2.4V
5.size:63x140x36mm(package mark)
6.battery size:43x56x20mm
7.accessory:1 dual charger,2 battery bag
8.charge dock+two400MA battery bag +80CM USB line

XboxONE Scontroller dual charger white(TYX-532S)^

for XBOX ONES wireless controller dual charging pedestal battery capacity:300mAH; one charging pedestal two 300mAh battery; One 80cm USB charging calbe

XboxONE remote controller (TYX-539)

1.max operation distance:10m
2.working frequency:38K
4.working time:two normally Battery can be used up to 6 month.
6.scope:suit for XBOX one console mating use.

XboxONE battery bag(TYX-561)

1.scope:suit for XBOX ONE original controller
2.input voltage:DC5V.
3.charging current:250 mA.
4.battery bag output voltage:DC2.4V.
5.battery capacity:1200mAh.

XBoxONE dust-proof set (TYX-580)

1.prevent dust enter xbox one console.
2.decreaase to prevent dust enter console inner part,ennsure the clean of equipment, also ensure the console performance.
3.less using port can plug with silicon rubber case, ensure the clean of connector. silicon rubber non-poison, environmental.

XBox One Nyko Type Pad

The Type Pad is a wireless keyboard attachment that pairs with the Xbox One via the included USB dongle. It is compatible with any game or application that supports keyboards. Type Pad's small and compact design fits sleekly with the controller's natural design, allowing for accurate and quick texting with both thumbs during gameplay.

XboxONE battery bag set (TYX-588)

1.scope:suit for xboxone original controller
2.input voltage:DC5V
3.charging current:250mA
4.battery bag capacity:ni-mh battery600mA/H
5.set voltage:2.4V

XboxONE battery bay set white (TYX-588S)

for XBOX ONES gaming controller charginf and video box; battery capacity:400mAH; one 80cm charging cable

XboxONE infrared remote controller (TYX-691)

1.working voltage:DC 3V; working average current:15MA; standby current:2UA
2.max operation distance:10M
3.working frequency:38K
4.working time:two normally Battery can be used up to 6 month.

Xbox One USB Charging Dock w/ Light Indicator-Yobo

The Yobo XBox One Charging Dock allows you to charge two XBox One controllers. Two XBox One controllers can be placed in the charging mounts, which lead straight into Micro USB ports. The Yobo XBox One Charging Dock comes with light indicator when controllers are charged by USB port on XBox One console or PC.

XBox One Battery Cover-2pcs-Black-Yobo

Replacement Battery Cover(Black, 2pcs/set) for the XBox One wireless controller. The Yobo XBox One battery cover replaces your broken or lost battery cover on your Xbox One controller.

XBox One Battery Holder(2pcs)-White

Xbox One Play N Charge Cable-9ft-Yobo(w/ light indicator)

The Yobo Charge Cable with Light Indicator is a 9 ft. Micro USB to USB cable that allows you to charge XBox One and PS4 controllers. It can also charge and transfer data for the Vita Slim 2000.

XBox One AC Adapter+Power Cable Set(For 1TB & 500GB Console)-Yobo^

Replacement AC Adapter for your Microsoft XBox One 500GB and 1TB console system.

XBox One X Simple Stand

Stand for XBox One X console

XB360/XBox One Power Cord Cable for Power Brick-2 Prong-Yobo^

This power cable is designed for XB360 Slim/ XBox One Power Brick AC Adapter

PSX/PS2/PS3 Slim/PS4/XBox One S/DC/XB Power Cable-Yobo

This universal power cable is a perfect replacement for your Dreamcast, PSX, PS1, PS2, PS3 Slim, PS4, Xbox One S or Xbox system.

PS4/XBox One Headset

Headet for PS4/XBox One

Thumb Grips for PS5/PS4/XBox One/Xbox 360

Game Multi-Function Headset for PS4/XBox One/Switch/PC

Headset for XBox One /PS4 /PC/ Switch

For Nintendo Switch:

Wired headset USB cable plug into Switch TV Charge Dock and will see the Sound USB icon on TV screen. Then you are ready to play Fortnite for using 10-ft long headset with microphone.Headset works on Nintendo Switch update firmware 9.0.0


Wired headset USB cable plug into PS3/PS4 console, then go to Setting-->Devices-->Audio Devices-->Input/Output-->choose USB Headset

Elite Gaming Headset for PS4/Xbox One/PC